The Vacation of Two Angels

Black Angel    :      Do you think somebody will notice that we're angels in disguised?
White Angel   :      We're too old for angels. 
Black Angel    :      Ha..ha...ha...
White Angel   :      Just don't let somebody see our faces.
Black Angel    :      Okay, White. I will listen to your words today. I won't let them.
White Angel  :      But actually, I'm wondering if this is weird to have an umbrella in this beautiful twilight. I'm afraid this umbrella will attract somebody's attention
Black Angel  :    That's okay. People can stand weird strangers more than beautiful angels. It's more dangerous to stand here without umbrellas. They will notice our strangely beautiful and magical faces trapped in old-ladies' bodies.
White Angel   :       Ha...ha... You need to train your magic, so next time, we won't look this weird.
Black Angel     :      Alright. If there's next time. We will be young and beautiful ladies by the seashore.
White Angel   :       Great. I've never known that you can be a good company.
Black Angel     :      Hey, what does it mean, then?!
White Angel  :     You know what, I do enjoy this one-day vacation. Though, still, it's just ironic to spend holiday with an eternal enemy. But I have to admit that I enjoy your company. You can be such nice angel. I hope it will last longer.
Black Angel   :      What will last longer; this holiday or my good behavior? I don't want to think that this holiday has made you forget that we're born as an enemy. You are the good and I'm the evil. It's violation to destiny to change that fact. 
White Angel  :       Don't start an argument, please. Can we just be friend for one day? It's a blessing that God let us to have a little rest. Why don't we enjoy it?
Black Angel    :       Okay, sorry. Hmmm... it's unbelievable I say sorry.
White Angel   :       Black...
Black Angel    :       Okay, White. Okay, as you wish. 


Black Angel    :      Look! The sky is getting redder now. Beautiful, right?
White Angel   :      Yeah, so beautiful. I can't wait to see the sun sets in the vast ocean.
Black Angel    :      Me, too. Well, if I may say the truth, I will never forget today's sunset ever! 
White Angel   :      So do I. It's the best and most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.
Black Angel    :      Don't say that it is because of my company. Huh?
White Angel   :      Ha...ha... I have to say--well, yes... It's one of the reasons.
Black Angel    :      Oh no, I don't like this kind of scene.
White Angel   :      Oh come on, Black... 
Black Angel    :      Yeah, whatever...
White Angel  :       Black, I know it maybe sounds weird to you...; If in the next coming days we're involved in hard battles, can we remind each other about today? So... umm...--I mean...--we shouldn't that hard fighting.
Black Angel    :      What?! What an idea! Do you think I'm stupid? You're trying to make me giving up easier! Unbelievable!
White Angel   :       Black, please... I never think that way. I just hope that you don't that hard on human... on  yourself…
Black Angel    :       So you could win more battles...
White Angel   :       Black! Oh okay, it's my fault! It's so stupid to expect the good Black in an extraordinary day like today, let alone in normal days.

In the meantime, the big red sun slipped into the ocean.

Black Angel    :      Beautiful, huh?
White Angel   :      Yeah... I feel so happy and sad at once seeing this sunset...
Black Angel    :      Well, I feel the same. 
White Angel   :      ...
Black Angel    :      Why starring at me that way? I'm a born evil, White. We have to remember this.

This post is written for Writing Exercises by Creative Writing Ink.


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