The Senseless Morning

The bird's singing in a wet branch of rainy season
but I pretend not to hear the songs rushing into my ears
the morning fairy blossoms a flower out silently
and I'm still in doubt to admit its beauty this early

Where will this senseless morning lead me up to?
while the darkness of night still wrap the sunshine in the far east
how can I clear up the veiled sky of mist?
when I cannot help myself from being cold in a corner of my room

The senseless morning, where will it leads me in?
when the sunshine wins the battle and thus clear the misty sky
then the evanescences complete the morning beauty,
for what I feel is nothing but pain and doubt:
how to enjoy the burned sunrise without threatening
the presence of morning dews...

The senseless morning,
give me a clue to pass this through...

Friday, March 4, 2005

photo is taken from here


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