I See This Girl and Guy

This picture is a work of Bonnie.

I see this girl, a particular girl
standing in a corner of this gallery:
she looks so worried or weary
I can tell it from the swing of her earrings from pearl

I see this guy, a guy in all black
I can't tell how he looks or feel
he just seems so amazed he stands still
in front of the big painting of black

I suddenly realize it
this girl can't take off her eyes from the guy in a black
who can't take his eyes off the painting of black

I then wondered, but please forgive me for this thought:
if this is a story of love triangle in a modern world--
between a girl, a guy, and this guy's beloved artwork.

This poem is written for Friday Poetically with Bryan Miller who provided three artworks of her friend, Bonnie, to be picked one as an inspiration of writing a poem.
Thanks to Bryan and Bonnie for this week's prompt... :)


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