The Entrusted Dream

Photo courtesy: Nia Janiar
(A railway which will lead the old train to the blue sky.... ;)....)

I have entrusted this dream
to an old train, leaving for the far away sky

Let me pray that this dream
will safely arrive in the far blue sky
and cannot trace the way back home;
for it only causes pain in the heart of mine
to nourish it myself in this earth of mankind

Written for my friend Nia Janiar, who took the above photo and asked me to make it a photo prompt for a poem. This photo was taken during her trip in Cepu, Blora, Central Java, Indonesia.

*Linked in Jingle Poetry and Poetry  Pantry #79 and Bluebellbooks for Love in Creativity Project

Today's Wish


In his eyes, trapped a line of rain
wish this rain would soon stop
and a rainbow rises in them....


* Linked in Poetry Pantry # 79.

Thick Longing

pic by Simon Howden

In the darkness of winter
I was wrapped by a thick blanket of longing

while shivering, I began to wonder
if you have the same feeling

*written for Carry on Tuesday #134 and Creative Writing Ink.
Also linked in Poetry Pantry #78
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