A Package of Friendship

Just call it a package of friendship. Sealed.
Picture by Nia Janiar.
My friend is inside. My friend was free, sound and fun. But this box, unavoidably and unexpectedly trapped and wrapped a friend of mine on that very day. I said hello, but hardly could I hear a sweet answer. I wondered if the box and the seal which made it hard to hear any voices from inside. Or simply there was no answer.

Errr… hello?

I kept trying. Sometimes I felt so tiring. Boring. Even angry. I missed this friend in those past days—free, sound, and fun.

Errr… hello?

I heard something, murmuring. Then I knew this friend was there. Inside this box. Sealed. I had tried to open the seal, but believe me it seemed it was locked from inside also. I couldn’t help it myself.

Errr… hello?

No answer. In this moment like this, I wished I could abandon this box and just go away. But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t! How I wished to see this friend free, sound, and fun. Outside of the box. Then, I could walk away happily.

Errr… hello?

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